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Frequently Asked Questions

What will plants do for my business? Can plants…:

Can plants clean your environment?

NASA research says, “Yes”. Findings from a two-year study prove that plants make indoor environments healthier to live in by absorbing pollutants through their leaves, roots, and microorganic systems. The pollutants are actually converted into food for the plant.

Can plants cut your sick days and /or reduce stress?

Positive psychological affects on people have been recognized for many years. Recent studies quantify stress reduction in College students, office workers, and hospital patients, just to name a few. Other studies attribute unusually high occupancy rates at hotels to garden and plants, further supporting the fact that plantscapes enhance relaxation and reduce stress.

One study looked at Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN and its twelve acre space with 18,000 plants, its occupancy rate is 85%, extremely high by industry standards with a $30 premium on rooms overlooking the gardens. The high occupancy rate of those rooms alone translates into $7 million in additional room revenue annually. The hotel’s annual horticultural budget is $1.2 million.

Aren't artificial plants better?

Plastic or silk might actually add micro-pollutants to indoor air, while real plants help to purify the indoor air.

Can having Plants indoors really make a difference on air quality?

Everyone knows that plants clean the air we breathe by exchanging fresh oxygen for stale carbon dioxide. Now, a decade of NASA research and other studies have proven that the air-cleaning capabilities of common indoor plants are greater and more dramatic than we ever imagined. So dramatic, in fact, that NASA is exploring the use of green plants for space flight air filtration and purification systems.

Research shows that the various leaf, foot and microorganism systems of many plants are able to filter out, biodegrade and actually utilize potent indoor toxins.

It takes only one to two medium sized plants per 100 square feet to improve air quality. That’s about two plants for the average size office. We can recommend the number and types of plants that will work best-and look spectacular, too-in your office or commercial space.

Beautiful, affordable plants. How often is a solution to such a complex problem so simple? And you can find out just how practical this can be by calling or faxing us for an estimate.

FACT: EPA research suggests one type of throat cancer caused by formaldehyde is the result of indoor pollution.

Studies show that commonly used indoor flowering plants can reduce levels of potentially cancer-causing substances by up to 70% in 24 hours.

FACT: An EPA study pinpointed more than 350 volatile gases inside a Washington D.C. nursing home.

In tests with both formaldehyde and benzene in small spaces, the philodendron cut atmospheric toxin levels by more than 87% in 24 hours.

FACT: According to the American Lung Association, the quality of some indoor air is far worse than some ‘polluted” outdoor levels.

NASA research shows that in general the number and size of plants in a room increase the amount of air purified.

Top Toxin Avengers:

Some of the most aggressive pollution-fighting plants, according to NASA tests, include: Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily), Ficus Benjamina, Dracaena Warnecki, Chrysanthemum. All are affordable and readily available.

These are just a few of the more than forty plants classified as highly beneficial. Call us and let us explain how we can put plants like these to work in your building. Easily. Beautifully. Inexpensively.

What is a digital design?

A digital design is a process where the designer takes pictures of your current environment. Then enhances them with containers and tropical plants that you have selected to give you a vision of what the transformation of your environment will look like. Our digital design equipment has the capability to install plants behind furniture and in windows, paint walls, add moss, mulching and stone.


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