Unique Stands


You also have a unique selection of stands for displaying your plants.

  • high and low

  • square and cylinder

  • wood

  • metal

  • European design

  • Oriental design

  • Dutch design

  • hanging bowls

  • flying saucers




Amazing Plants provides Healthy superior Tropical plants for all light levels 20-1,000 candle foot of light.  


We provide Irrigation systems, saucers, trivets, and cork to protect your environment.

Container Variety


You can choose from a wide variety of containers for your plants. The containers can accommodate grow pots ranging from 4 – 21 inches.

  • PVC, fiberglass

  • metal

  • copper

  • aluminum

  • stainless steel

  • faux finish

  • Chinese fish bowls

  • terracotta

  • baskets

  • ceramic

  • flower bowls

  • cylinders

~ Be sure to ask for your favorite style of container ~

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